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Orlando Bridal Makeup Artist

Alexandra is an experienced artist who has a genuine passion for what she does. She is a natural born people person, who can make any one feel at peace while working with her.


Her vision is to make women feel their most beautiful, by connecting with them while enhancing their natural beauty.


She believes that makeup should never be a mask, but rather a way to enhance a woman’s features. She finds her inspirations from every single person she interacts with, and creates a look that is tailored to each individual.


Alexandra loves to educate and share her knowledge with others. She believes the only way to progress and grow, is through learning. It’s not about being perfect, but rather, she believes, it’s about continually trying your best and always striving for more.  

Alexandra has over 12 years of experience in the industry. Although she took an interest in makeup at the age of 16, she started her makeup career at 18 in MAC Cosmetics. She worked there for over 4 years and had great success within the company. During her time there, she grew her overall skill set, gained customer service experience, learned an abundance of product knowledge, and obtained a range certifications.


Her time at MAC cosmetics was foundational in her career and grew her passion for beauty even more.


She later moved on to work for MSNBC Golf Channel, and did makeup and hair styling for the talent (newscasters) on set. Alexandra has worked for fashion week, tv/film production, photoshoots, weddings, corporate headshots, and much more.


Besides running her business full time, she currently works part-time at ULTA, where she is able to continually have hands on experience with the best products and brands in the industry.

Currently, Alexandra is in the process of starting her own cosmetics line.



" Beauty attracts the eye but the personality captures the hearts"

Orlando Bridal Makeup Artist
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